Tuesday, March 01, 2005

France, History Of, France in the later Middle Ages, 1180 - 1490

Georges Duby and Robert Mandrou, A History of French Civilization (1964; originally published in French, 1958), provides a good survey, stressing social history. Appropriate volumes from the older source, Ernest Lavisse (ed.), Histoire de France depuis les origines jusqu'� la r�volution, 9 vol. (1900 - 11), remain useful for this period. Territorial evolution is explored in L�on Mirot, Manuel de g�ographie historique de la France, 2nd ed., rev. by Albert Mirot, 2 vol. (1947 - 50, reprinted in 1 vol., 1979). L�opold Genicot, Le XIIIe Si�cle europ�en, 2nd rev. ed. (1984), is a scholarly general review. Accounts of the 14th century are offered in �douard Perroy, The Hundred Years War (1951, reissued 1965; originally published in French, 1945); and Peter S. Lewis, Later Medieval France (1968). Jacques Heers, L'Occident aux XIVe et XVe si�cles: aspects �conomiques et sociaux, 4th ed. (1973), offers a broader chronological perspective. Individual reigns are studied in John W. Baldwin, The Government of Philip Augustus: Foundations of French Royal Power in the Middle Ages (1986); William Chester Jordan, Louis IX and the Challenge of the Crusade: A Study in Rulership (1979); and Joseph Reese Strayer, The Administration of Normandy Under Saint Louis (1932, reprinted 1971). Andr� Artonne, Le Mouvement de 1314 et les chartes provinciales de 1315 (1912), deals with an important constitutional crisis. Joseph R. Strayer and Charles H. Taylor, Studies in Early French Taxation (1939, reprinted 1972), examines taxation and consultation under the later Capetians; later royal finance is studied in Maurice Rey, Le Domaine du roi et les finances extraordinaires sous Charles VI, 1388 - 1413 (1965), and Les Finances royales sous Charles VI: les causes du d�ficit, 1388 - 1413 (1965). For economy and society, see Georges Duby, Rural Economy and Country Life in the Medieval West (1968, reprinted 1976; originally published in French, 1962); and Guy Fourquin, Les Campagnes de la r�gion parisienne � la fin du Moyen �ge: du milieu du XIIIe au d�but du XVIe si�cle (1964). Social unrest is discussed in Michel Mollat and Philippe Wolff, The Popular Revolutions of the Late Middle Ages (1973; originally published in French, 1970). Charles Petit-Dutaillis, The French Communes in the Middle Ages (1978; originally published in French, 1947), remains the standard account on the cities and towns. The legal system is explored in Bernard Guen�e, Tribunaux et gens de justice dans le bailliage de Senlis � la fin du Moyen �ge (1963).


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